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*Public Safety Alert* / ATM & Bank Security

The City of Cumming Police Department has issued a Public Safety Alert following the repeated occurrence of similar thefts recently reported to Police.
In most cases, the victim of the theft has recently withdrawn a large sum of money from either exterior ATM’s or Bank Tellers.
Victims have found their cars broken into while shopping, etc, and in some cases, victims were approached by strange individuals attempting to offer help with car problems. While distracted, other suspects stole money from the victim’s vehicle.
Please be aware of your surroundings when taking large sums of money from the bank. And if you are approached by strange individuals, please proceed to the nearest public area, or get in your car and leave. Please call police immediately in either case.
The Cumming Police Department Criminal Investigations Division is actively working to find the suspects responsible for these thefts.
There have also been several reports of unlocked vehicles being vandalized and ransacked for valuables during the night. Please remember to lock your vehicles, even if they reside in an attached garage or carport.

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