Cumming Police Department

Uniform Patrol Division (UPD)

UPD is the backbone of any Municipal Police Department or Sheriff's Office. Our UPD Division consists of Eight Patrol Officers and Two Sergeants, and several reserve Officers.

UPD provides 24 hour coverage of the City Limits of Cumming in various capacities. UPD Officers conduct traffic stops, respond to calls for service, figerprint offenders and communicate with local business owners, among many other daily tasks.

UPD Officers and Sergeants drive Marked Crown Victoria cruisers equipped with Radar and LIDAR (Laser) speed detection devices, basic evidence collection kits and traffic control and direction equipment along with other supplies neccessary for daily patrol duties.

UPD Officers primarily respond to calls for service that are dispatched through the CPD Communications Center. You can reach the Communications Center via "911" or by calling 770.781.2000.

UPD is normally the first contact that a citizen will have with the Police Department after a request or call for service. Our UPD Officers undergo regular, continuous training on various critical aspects of Law Enforcement and are required to maintain set levels of training each year to ensure that they are adept at understanding and enforcing the current National and State laws.

UPD is responsible for normal Police activities, as well as details such as Funeral Escorts and special events like the Fourth of July Parade and Cumming Fair and Festival.



Contact Information

Phone: 770-781-2000

Fax:     770-781-3481

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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